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I thought it might be quite interesting to compare the campaign to save another locally listed swimming pool, this time in Stirchley, near the Cadbury Factory. There are some differences in this campaign in that the baths were already closed to the public as a swimming pool, so the campaign focused on getting the building regenerated as a community venue – the campaign was successful.

I wanted to see if artists engaged in the Stirchley campaign in the same way they had at Moseley Road.

Below are some email questions to Kerry who was involved in the campaign to save the site.

Hi Kerry

Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions. I’m interested in the role that unplanned arts activity had on the campaign to save Moseley Road Baths. For context what’s coming out of my interviews and research there is that artists often approached the Friends of the Baths group with ideas and projects – which happened in an organic way over many years.

I thought it might be quite interesting to compare the campaign to save Stirchley Baths for community use. I have very little info about Stirchley Baths, so I wondered if you could answer the below questions as a starting point and I’ll send a few follow ups based on your answers.

I assume that the baths were not open to the public at all during the campaign to restore ?

Q1. Who led the campaign – was it rooted in the local community or led by an agency e.g. Birmingham Conversation Trust – or both

Q2. How long was the campaign active

Q3. We’re artists involved directly during the campaign and if so what did they contribute to the campaign?

Q4. Did community based photographers gain access to the empty site during the campaign e.g. urban explorers and were these used in any way to amplify the reach and impact of the campaign ?