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The ‘100 Swimmers’ image by Attilio Fiumarella has been referenced by several individuals, comes up on google searches for the baths and a printed copy is framed in the baths reception. I decided to explore this project further and contact the artist to gather more information. The project, which too place in July 2015, gained extensive media exposure for the baths campaign, and was a success on many levels. I plan to include a case study of this one-off photo event and its impact in the final paper.

Q1. Could you give an overview of how the project was initiated, how you came up with the idea

Q2. How did you hear about Moseley Road Baths and did you know it was at risk of closure?

Q3. What made you decide to approach Moseley Road Baths as a location for the work?

Q4. Did you work with an external organisation to develop the work e.g a festival or gallery?

Q5. How would you describe your relationship with the Friends Group (campaign) and did this influence your approach the work

Q6. How did you recruit participants and what feedback did they give regards the experience

Q7. Did you consciously approach Moseley Road Baths to support their campaign through this project, or did that happen as part of the process of working with the baths/Friends?

Q8. A copy the image of the swimmers in the Gala Pool is still sited in the reception of Moseley Road Baths and is talked of fondly by the staff, volunteers and swimmers. What impact do you think the image had on the campaign to keep the pool open.  

Q9. Is there anything else you’d like to add