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Currently carrying out a critical reflection on the project and research. I’d planned to use the Gibbs Model, but decided to explore wjhat other models there were, which led me to better understand my learning styles (test here), which did’nt surprise but its always good to have a deeper understanding of what works for you. 45% Pragmatist, 33.5% Activist and 14% Theoretical

These people need to be able to see how to put the learning into practice in the real world. Abstract concepts and games are of limited use unless they can see a way to put the ideas into action in their lives. Experimenters, trying out new ideas, theories and techniques to see if they work.

Activists are those people who learn by doing. Activists need to get their hands dirty, to dive in with both feet first. Have an open-minded approach to learning, involving themselves fully and without bias in new experiences.

These learners like to understand the theory behind the actions. They need models, concepts and facts in order to engage in the learning process. Prefer to analyse and synthesise, drawing new information into a systematic and logical ‘theory’.

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Photo by Asa Rodger on Unsplash