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I’ve started investigating the impact that visual arts activity at Moseley Road Baths had on the fifteen-year campaign to save the baths/. I’m focusing a case study on the ‘100 swimmers’ image and I have contacted Birmingham Live for their digital content marketing rates. I will quantify an estimated value of the publicity gained via the Birmingham Live website. 

I felt it was useful to explore the broader context of visual rhetoric, the visual social semiotics of images and role of media in activism. I found two interesting journal articles on Google Scholar and a book in the BCU catalogue. I plan to stand in Moseley Road Baths and survey swimmers on their impressions of the ‘100 swimmers’ image, this further reading will inform the nature of those questions. 

Books and papers to read further
The Routledge Companion to Media and Activism. Milton: Routledge, 2018.
The Power of Visual Material: Persuasion, Emotion and Identification Article in Diogenes · February 2008
Visual Social Semiotics: Understanding How Still Images Make Meaning. Technical Communication. Harrison, Claire. (2003).