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After two years of the MA course, the final project submission date is approaching fast. I’ve had a final tutorial on the 30th July and a session with the Centre for Academic Success at Curzon on the same day; I know have a clearer idea of what could be improved. To be honest it would pass now, but I think I owe it to myself and the subject matter to spend the next two weeks ensuring it’s as presentable and coherent as possible.

I’ve spent the last few days refining and editing;

Question 1.
This has started to flow better, and I’ve improved the links between sections, however the section on photography it still feels a little disjointed and perhaps too tightly packed with ideas. I may strip a chunk of it out and see how it reads.

Question 2.
I’m happy with this section but do need to reduce wordcount, bits of it are repetitive so this just needs a good edit.

Project Plan
A risk assessment section was added. This just needs to be edited down where possible.

Critical Reflection
I plan to rewrite this following comment, I originally split this section in two, consisting of a reflection on the research methods chosen and time management. The time management element can be submitted as part of my project evaluation.

I will now review and rewrite this section. I have booked another session with the Centre for Academic Success as I still feel a little unsure about this section as have never written a critical reflection before so don’t want to affect the rest of the paper but submitting something poor.

Conclusions & Further Questions
These have bene revised and I know have three questions which would build on this paper and have practical real-world relevance for the baths project.

These were brutally edited following feedback from Beth that the word count was way too high. Reduced to 15 from 22, and now only 4955 words. I also completed sections on Interviews, Artists Recruitment and organisations approached.

Still to do in priority order

1.Rewrite critical reflection to focus on research and theory
2.Finish conducting sentiment survey at Moseley Road Baths and create infographic based on responses – to complete 100 Swimmers Case Study
3.Edit down to word count and make flow better
4.Create infographic timeline of the campaign and insert some arts activity (only if time)