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Heavy Books

I’ve been really struggling to find topic specific literature, which has stymied the start of the research on some levels. Truth is I was thinking too literally and so decided to break down the subject area into its constituent parts;

Audience Development
Community Activism

I’ve now taken out several books on these subjects to ground this research, as well as finding various papers and digital resources (see list below). Coupled with an evaluation report, new leads to speak to and interviews and surveys I think I’ll have enough to start writing shortly.

Culture as Commodity, the economics of the arts and bult heritage in the UK, Casey, Dunlop & Selwood 1995
Museum Basics, 3rd Edition, Ambrose and Paine 2012
Arts Marketing, Kerrigan, Fraser and Ozbilgin, 2004
365 Ways to change the world, Norton, 2005

Digital Resources

Audience engagement in arts and heritage: the traps we fall into, James Mcquaid 2014

Contemporary Heritage, a Mid Pennine Arts partnership programme, made a significant contribution to raising the profile of Lancashire as a distinctive cultural destination. 

Understanding Audiences for Contempary Arts, Gross & Pitts 2015


Economia Creative, Innovative Audience Development 2018

DCMS, Ways to engage a broader audience, 2007

My plan now is to write the project plan and read throughout June, along with gathering one or two more interviews including Attillio Fiumerella…. and to spend a day at Moseley Road Baths talking about The Swimmers image and its resonance with pool users.

[Please note, books are heavy, especially when combined with a laptop!]