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Its been a bust few weeks, but it was good to find time to read through the primary research I’ve gathered to date and assess any gaps in knowledge once I’d stated to write. I was curious as to how the National Trust became in Moseley Road Baths and managed to meet with Lucy Reid (Assistant Director of Operations) to discuss her personal involvement with the baths and how that morphed into professional involvement.

The Trust New Art Midlands evaluation report (Mandy Fowler 2018) was very thorough but I also felt I needed to talk to a property to gather further insight, I initially contacted a property in the Northeast (for contrast to TNA Midlands) but have now been put in touch with Croome and will speak to them next week.

Finally, due to a maintenance issue, Moseley Road Baths has closed to the public until early next week. I had planned to stand in the baths reception and engage swimmers with a short survey on their sentiment to ‘The Swimmers’ image that hangs there. I will now do this next week.

Lucy Reid had a very positive reaction to The Swimmers image, stating it was very impactful and captured a moment in time for the campaign.