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Having a bit of a week….shoulder pains, corrupted word files, more appendices and still to lots do…

An ongoing issue with my shoulder has flared up, clearly overdoing screen work with the degree and work, still nearly there! It is painful enough to be on the strong painkillers and to have taken a few days off work, so I’m hoping the paper doesn’t need major work following Tuesday’s tutorial with Beth Derbyshire.

I’m also meeting with the Academic Success tutors on Tuesday morning to look at the appendices and referencing.

More drama! Well not too much, the word document I’ve been drafting the paper it was corrupted, appendices would not link, and other formatting glitches were occurring. So, I bit the bullet and created a whole new document – which works beautifully– only two hours work.

I finally got around to working on the appendices, glad I did as there was more work than envisaged. Still, it is coming together.

Finally, I now have a list of things that I know I need to do.

1. Finish appendices
2. Summarise all interviews for appendices and convert transcripts to PDF to embed
3. Interview Karen Leach
4. Document Press Clippings in Friends Archive (nice to do)
5. Sentiment Survey Moseley Road Baths (nice to do)

After I meet Beth on Tuesday, if all well, I will then set two days aside to revise and edit and complete some of the above if time runs out then I won’t worry about 4 or 5.

And did I say, 19 days until hand in….